Nanotrading® s.r.o is one of the first companies in Slovakia to deal with material nanotechnology, programming, location and usage of nanotechnology and nanoproducts in different industrial branches. Nanotrading® s.r.o introduces and offers NANO H&C®, its complex applications in various spheres of usage. We analyse and search for new innovative ways, spheres and practical applications of this developing branch, of course also in every day life.
This area includes mainly nanocomposites from the sphere of surface material nanotechnology, resistant protective surfaces with a wide range of usage, nanosilver and easy2clean applications, etc. We introduce and promote the NANO H&C® products, participate in building the Slovak information portals helping to spread general education and establish and develop the trading market. We focus on cooperation with major companies from the sphere of nanotechnology. We would like to extend the range of applications of nanotechnology through our cooperation with appreciated experts. The basic principle of Nanotrading® s.r.o and nanotechnology as a new mulitdisciplinary science is to make the grey world, that we know, more creative, easier and simply better.