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In processing and service businesses it is necessary to differ from the competitors. We offer a lot of ideas to increase the value and the advantage of business competition of the produced materials, especially for glas, textile, synthetic material and building material industries.We gladly give advice to you how to differ from your competitors !You are always one step ahead whether you are Producer , who want to have new products in your range or a building company that not only builds the house, but also seals it afterwards. Leave the competition behind ! A lot of our products can be directly processed. That increases the longevity and the quality of the products. With our special nano sealing products, costs can be decreased by about 90%. Expensive and environmentally unfriendly cleaning agents are no longer necessary. For industry, we can fill 200 litre barrels and 1000 litre IBC containers.We gladly give advice to help you save money in your specialist area .