Nanotrading s.r.o operates on the basis of contracts from private companies and various organizations. Nanotrading has a very clear strategy, how to connect industrial cluster with new innovations in various segment.We intend: to help in the spreading of knowledge and know-how in various fields of nanotechnology and its industrial applications, to help integrating the enterprises in the European nanotechnology area and to provide assistance to contribute in rising the level of public awareness concerning nanotechnology, to organize seminars at various levels ( to understand and apply nanotechnological procedures, to adapt these procedures to the specific needs ), to provide on contractual basis targeted information: overviews or newsletters in certain fields of nanotechnology, to organize specific business meetings related with nanotechnology.

Our mission is to provide our clients knowledge-based analysis and prognosis to help them in strategic decision-making and being successful in their business.Our activities do not focus on the traditional consulting fields, but rather on business and science in the development of high-tech industries and life sciences. Our services include: Global and Local Research, Market Studies, Portfolio Management, Business Service, Consultancy.