Nanotrading s.r.o has been established in Slovakia, aiming to give supplying, distributing and consulting services of Nano-tech. Considering the potentialities of the region, we mainly focus our attention and activities on Coatings Surface Protection, the fields of Medical Affairs. We have a broad function and substrate portfolio, are not affiliated to any special applications and sectors. With own monitoring and market investigation we have a well-founded know-how and IP basis plus a complex network. We have started to supply raw nano materials and importing Nano-tech Products according to the requirements and needs of the area. We serve our clients, build business, brands, portfolios, research and analyse. We create information, we don’t just transfer information. We estimate and prognose.Enjoying a young, educated staff, Nanotrading s.r.o is become a reliable powerful team able to give consulting services to the companies and factories of Slovakia region.We don't presume that we are the only best partner and have all the answers, but we have been researching and thinking about nanotechnology in 2005 like first company in Slovakia. As a result, we've have been called upon by universities, non-profit groups, associations, industry task forces agencies to lend a hand with their related work.

Whether it's conducting specific research, or advising on business initiatives, or simply sharing our insights and experience , we are happy to help. To be just on the top of the wave !